The Family Room

I love the size of the family area. Our old place made us feel so boxed in especially with guests. It’s all a work in progress but shows what a lovely family area the Avalon provides. Sorry…  Not the best of pictures.ImageImageImageImage


6 thoughts on “The Family Room

  1. Lovely pictures! We are building an Avalon with the closed-in family room, too, and it’s nice to see one that is finished and decorated. There are no models of an Avalon that we could walk through; we are building one mostly blind! We haven’t even had our pre-construction meeting yet, so if you have any tips or suggestions, we’d appreciate it!

    • I can remember we talked about so many things that day. Most is going over the process and your choices. Later when ordering the stone it was found that it had not been specified if it was stack or not. They almost ordered the stacked!!! So make sure your choices are specific to what you chose. What elevation did you choose? With the standard you don’t get the big open foyer. We took peeks at a standard while it was being built, they had a standard bedroom and bath. The room is MUCH smaller. This was an option we hemmed over and glad we took the plunge! That and the 3 car garage. Because we don’t have the basement these options become important for resale. The foyer was so short, we love the extra 2 feet!!!
      So you made fun of Fox Creek? Tell me more! lol! We had started out with Main Street in Westerleigh, chosen a lot etc. It didn’t work out and we are glad it didn’t. We had been driving past FC and said hey those homes are like hotels we cant afford that. But when it fell through with Main Street, we checked out FC and so glad we did. Main Street is building a couple of homes in Prescotts Level. Lancaster is a simiilar “copy” of the Avalon floor plan but lacks the versitale Avalon.
      SO excited to follow your journey!

      • Sorry– I meant to reply to this earlier, but forgot to! We’d made fun of Fox Creek because it seemed like EVERYONE we knew was moving here, like they were checking some sort of “move-up” box: Woodlake, Fox Croft, Fox Fire, and then Fox Creek. That, and all the Fox names! We called Fox Creek “Fox Tail”, “Fox Glove”, “Fox Hunter”, etc., forever. 🙂 We’d looked and looked, and had gotten quite interested in Westerleigh, too. I wonder why your encounter with them didn’t work out? We’d priced out a model and were about to move to the next step when two things happened: the Sales Rep stopped calling or staying in touch with us. (Huh? Aren’t they usually the most voracious people ever? That made us nervous.) And, two, we didn’t know anyone who’d moved there. We knew tons of people who’d moved to Summer Lake, the Foxes (as we call that end of Woolridge Rd.), even bankrupt Magnolia Green, but no one in Westerleigh. That made us wonder what they were seeing that we weren’t. So we broke down and walked through the Ryan model for the first time and fell in love. Plus, all our kids’ friends have moved into the development, so it just seemed to make sense.

        Your house is so lovely, and really played a part in our decision to build one! We’re getting elevation A (I think? The one that looks like a traditional farmhouse with the front porch), so we won’t have that extra bump out in the foyer. I am a little nervous that we will miss that extra space, but I have a thing about having the front door covered. The one that had the little porch with the non-useful “balcony” over it was not cutting it for me, so that only left the one elevation.

        Thanks for your kind words. We are so looking forward to living in the Foxes! 😉

  2. We did a drive through of Westerliegh and I am glad it didn’t work out. Maybe it’s because we have been in the Fox now that all I could see were the eyesores. Over 90% of the yards were full of weeds. I do like that they are now opening new sections, as the final lots they had were not desirable to us.
    At Westerleigh they offered to buy your home if you didn’t sell which appealed to us, being fearful of the market. We had several market analyst done and knew what their offer should be. The SR was new and didn’t know the process and it dragged on forever. He too stopped calling as so much time was going had passed. By the time they came out to do their own Market Analysis we were feeling a little bitter…especially when they low balled us by about $40,000. The woman was very unprofessional. We were still considering, met with our SR and he assured us that the Lot we chose was being held for us, we had put down a deposit. Two days hadn’t even passed and we got the call that we had lost the lot and they wanted us to choose another. The SR was upset that the other SR had sold the lot out from under him!
    Elevation A was my first choice but there is one across the street from us. I wish we had a porch of some sort, but we come through the garage, and let company in that way when it rains. My first home had a full porch and my second just a covered stoop and now none!!! I do like the fuller entry because my others had been small.

    We walked the neighborhood yesterday and I think they are starting on your lot!! You might catch me checking it out.

    My thoughts on Magnolia, it’s just not very appealing with the row house kind of sections. I like consistency of the homes, and in that section the streets are narrow. They have an awesome club house section and lower HOA dues!

    Keep me posted!!

  3. Love your avalon!!! Also love that coffee table…is it a paula deen coffee table? I have been searching so long for one and that one we almost bought!

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