Decorating Ideas and Works in Progress

Work in progress.

The back splash for the kitchen has finally been selected. Its an Italian glazed, cream crackle appearance. I love the warm welcoming that I can imagine. What I can’t believe is how expensive! Just as expensive as marble and onyx that I had first been looking. The tiles are back ordered until March 15th so it will be a while but I will post how the kitchen looks now sometime soon!

Surprisingly unexpected we are getting a patio! I have envisioned a back yard with a patio, surrounded by flowering shrubs of the seasons.

Searching for wall paper for the foyer upper walls that we have 4 large box frame molding.

Found, lamps for the morning room and have ordered a small desk LL Bean.
Found, lamp for living room
Found, table frames that I will convert to hangings with some kind of print. Perhaps using material or maybe go through all those old cards! Also found, collage frame and other white frames.

Oh almost forgot, purchased a rock for the irrigation back flow. Put in a keyless entry for the garage. Installed a bib attached to the irrigation system!
SO MUCH TO DO!!!! Not only so little time but so little money!


3 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas and Works in Progress

  1. That backsplash sounds great – can’t wait to see how it turns out. I also like the idea of the box frame moldings in the upper foyer, the Avalon model near us has the picture frames with wallpaper and that is something I wanted to get done in the future.

    Because we have a very tiny backyard, we are going to go for a patio too.

    LoL – definitely know what you mean about needing unlimited funds for all the things we want to do with the new house 🙂

    • We have the upper frame moldings, and think I will use wall paper…but we have 4 of them. Thinking on a design and the other wide stripe pattern? Stenciling would be cool but way too high for me…so perhaps that little niche. So much to have fun with in the Avalon! The back splash should begin this coming Friday!! I finally took some kitchen photos that I need to post. Patio is in, but rain has kept them from completing and the yard is a disaster. It’s not established enough, just now 5 months. We have a lot of work cut for us! Our lot is deeper than wider. Had the back part RH does not clear…cleared of brush and small trees per HOA. I have more ideas than money : ) Thanks!!

  2. I love what you have done with your Avalon! The molding really adds character to the house. I love the paint colors that you chose. We have not painted yet, but we have hung a few pictures. I find myself buying things at Home Goods only to turn around and take them back after deciding they do not look good in the house! I am too picky! Our new sectional for the family room and new sofa for the living room arrived about 2 weeks ago. I just read your post about wanting to remove the closet from the laundry room. I had the same idea and my husband wanted the closet. There were so many other decisions to be made, so I didn’t have time to fight for it! I wish we had deleted the closet in the laundry room! For such a large house, they really skimped on the laundry room. It would have been perfect if it were at least 2 feet wider. I will post pictures of our Avalon soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures and motivating me to get to Lowe’s and start picking out paint colors! – Maria

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