The Entrance

With the Elevation B you get a 2 foot punch out which makes for a very open foyer.  We chose wood staircase for a formal entrance. Trim package , with chair, crown and picture frame moldings.  To this we have added more trim on the upper walls of the foyer.  It’s not finished with that project, to use color or wall paper, photos?  To the left ( because our garage is on the left) is our dining room. Love the tray ceiling and trim package!  Used the standard light package. To the right is the Living Room with optional bay window. It’s beautiful.



8 thoughts on “The Entrance

  1. I love the color in your dining room. I was told to wait a year before we paint, so once ours is done I will probably just dream of color.

    Thanks for following my blog too.

    • Not standard, but probably would have come with one of the packages. We did this after we moved in, set up with the RH carpentry crew. Added up the main staircase up the back part, upper stair hallway and downstairs all of family room hallway. All for under $600. I’ve been told that is an exceptional price! Thank you, I’ve been dreaming these color choices for almost a year worried over making final decisions. I love interior design thanks to HGTV : )

      • This looks stunning. I LOVE color so I can’t wait either. Nail pops will continue after your first year so no need to wait. That was an excellent deal on the crown molding. Did you buy the molding and paint it first? Is it just one piece crown molding at the top? I love the picture frame molding at the bottom.

      • The guy had the crown molding so we didn’t have to go purchase…it was unpainted, and shortly after is when the painters came in and they did it. Off to bed so give me some time on the other 🙂

  2. Great price for all of that trim. We got the 2nd highest trim package and I was told the highest level only included the wider crown and baseboard. Our PM suggested we could work with the trim contractor to get the extra trim in exactly the areas you did. Yep, that’s an exceptional price and we will definitely be doing the same. As I said in my blog, I walked into the Avalon model and fell in love with all that trim. Your trim looks like the model’s…

    Yes, I’m a big fan of HGTV; now with this new house my habit has gotten worse. I’m sure you know how that is 🙂 My husband cringes when I “suggest” we are going to gain our DIY skills by putting up a tile backsplash in the kitchen…

    • I think that is the package we got…the middle one : ) My husband isn’t into any DIY projects but would love to do some sweat equity. I let myself get creative in other ways…love pinterest : ) Can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures. I have to confess…I have a hard time maneuvering through word press.

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